Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karma for Killers?

Here's a list of major dictators and mass murderers, and the way they went out.

Idi Amin - Natural Causes
Leopld II of Belgium - Natural Causes
Mao - Lung failure
Stalin - Stroke
Kim Il Sung - Heart Attack
Tito - Gangrene
Pol Pot - Heart Failure under house arrest
Milosevic - Heart Attack, under arrest
Hitler - Suicide
Goebbels - Suicide
Mussolini - Shot
Ismail Enver - Shot in Battle
Osama Bin Ladin - Shot
Tideki Tojo - Hung
Eichmann - Hung
Saddam Hussein - Hung

Note, that only three of these men were successfully brought to justice in a court of law (four if you count the inevitable trail result for Milosevic).

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